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About Us

We’ve united people involved in art, sports, graphic design, business. We are from different industries, of different ages, with different experiences, but we create a team and learn from each other, and we have one thing in common – the desire to create something that we can call “the best sports brand”.

Thanks to UNITED we have combined our passion for physical activity with creativity. This combination has created a sports brand, like no other. We create clothing that only your team has, only the community associated with your club or company! You are a team and from now on you can show it. Well-thought-out implementation process and innovative printing methods allow each of our styles to be personalized fully. Unlimited color options, graphic designs, give you the opportunity to make the most crazy project and create a unique product for you and your team. Working with us will help you build a positive imagee of your club, company, team, or maybe just let you live out artistically. We also like to create our own projects, so we design our own collections. Maybe some of our projects will inspire you!



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+48 661 472 288